This is the text that came out of our performance at Breakthrough on 27. June, 2009 in Berlin, Germany. The participants were:

  • Jonathan Kemp - Writer
  • Michaela Vieser - Writer
  • Leif Elggren - Writer
  • Brendan Howell - Proctor

She was looking through the emerald coloured grass. Dew drops were still glistening on the grasses shafts. The mountains lay behind her, in front of her the plain. It streched far. She sighed. She hadn´t been able to look as far ahead as this for a while. She thought about the silver fish she wore on her chest, a pendant. It had little fins that made a curious sound when she moved. During the last couple of weeks it had become a companion of sorts to her. Not that it talked back, but it seemed to be able to feel what she felt and it seemd to be able to absorb her feelings. She had found it next to a pond and it had seemd to be there for her. Who had put it there she didn´t know. 

the etruscan pirates dfeveloped a particular form of cruel punishment for those unlaucky enough to become their prisoners. with a ritualised violence and reverence for the the atemporal cycle through life and death, the prisoners would be tightly bound hand to hand, chest to chest, mouth to mouth, genitals to genitals, foot to foot; the living kept alive, on the bare minimum of water and bread, their gradual superation prolonged beyond any human expectancy in a cruel precognition of the binary. the dead were the zombie mirror to the living, the living perhaps revelling in their new philosophical statusin the binary. this separation at the moment of conjugation that spawned a thousand years of culture spread later by more efficient means until fully embodied here and now.

He was in the middle of his life. He got his status directly by the king Carolus the XII and became the head master of all the mines in Sweden. An extremely important and resopsible profession in times of warfare. To secure the weapon industries. In the middle of this he got his first revelation in his dreams. He was living very much through his conversations with the angels that giuded him through the heavens and hell. He got the information and he was the person that should reveal this for the rest of the world. And he did. He was considered a lunatic and even Immanuel Kant wrote a small book about him during their mutual lifetime calling him a fool and a silly guy.

theres a series of resonances that we might become aware of or be made aware of through the actions of others. these we might interlace and interweave in with those instruction played back time and time again in a language leapfrogging of understanding that is always intentional in its attitude but never daring to be definitive. and just as well, because theres two problems in magical living for the uninitiated, the familair side in the alchemy of making singular that out of flux and the other the unfamiliar of the entrainment of rigorous encoded behaviours that belong to island living in a world where none shallremain on the island, but are propelled across many many seas in search of other lesser named magics. # theres a partuicular rift between that last group of wet green hillls, well known and renowned where olden day rituals would ytake place. at the bottom of the lands fissure a black welt of earth softly lay against the shore of rock on either side. water woyuld never sit on its surface, strangely filtered away through the soft blackness and ejected somewhere else in a burst of hot steam. the copper of theland would sometimes punctualte thsi steam with blue spumed pools that woulsd recircle temselves back through the black earth. this balck earth was thuus venerated by all those who lived in the land. red red stained clothing would be worn over their white flesh and several of them would run the whole length of the rift, with ambitions of power, and status but never sumple comfort. those who were too old to have the still flowing hair of youth took to binding on the red roots of mandrake as though enlisting into some rejuvenating energy source through the appearance of magic hair.

in his world he admonished those around him if in some way they broke jhis concentration. generally he used people as foils for the pursuit of this own sensitivities, however now and again he would periodically settle on someone he'd come across to befriend. this lucky person, as he would see it, would e circumspect and deferential to his concerns, and readily able to alleviate anty day to day difficulty he had withi his life. the fact that we never really know anything about them is simple the eway he designed those relationships to be. this perception would also, at times, become apparent in the minds of thsoe who fell into the postition of a minor character in his life. for some reason, after the initial anger and resentment, they just settled right in there, benefitting, as they thought, from some kind of initiation, as if soem kind of osmosis necessarily took place through just being around him. inevitably he would get bored by them. and just go. the abruptness of those departures was enough warning not to puraue him. so they would know he will have returned to the world of admonishment before the next acolyte would be required.

Just when he, swedens mining chief, met the girl with the flowing hair and the fish pendant on top of the hill, a very strong memory took over him and catapulted his senses and emotions to a differnt time and a differnt space. Suddenly, in his thoughts, he was back of the ship of the etruscian pirates, a prisoner, who was selected to please "the Misses", as the pirtes called their leader. The misses was an old fat lady sitting on a throne made of skulls and bones and he had to lick her feet as a welcoming gesture. Worms and centipedes were crawling on the smelly floor and his tongue felt the crusts of dirt on "the Misses" feet. But this was not where it stopped. There were other parts, he had to welcome on the old hag and all the time a pirate stood behind him, ready to smash his penis into mouse food.

Slash...he managed to get out of this horror scenario and came right back to the girl on the hill. The sun was just setting behind her and the curves of her body were superb. There was noone on the hill but him and her. He could take her, right here. And he did. She struggled and bit, she scratched his nails in his flesh, leaving bloody wounds on his soggy arms.

Yes of course the Pope did understood and he was intelligent enough to not refuse her at the first moment. She was popular in the whole of Europe among the people and that was difficult to not include in the strategies. She was clever enough to understand this too, that he, the Poepe himself was trapped by this scenario and did not dare to put her in prison or whatsoever. And because of this situation she was the winner and get through the religious bureaucracy and she had God on her side and she was not called a lunatic or a silly old fart as the other one, the other one that stepped into the stage 300 years later. But the main difference for him, and the main problem, was that he never claimed the church as the base for his thoughts. He was totally independent, she was not.

The silver fish pendant was the key to unlock the secrets of the world. It had the power to absorb peoples emotions that were so much stronger than their knowledge. If you had the fish, you had the key tp power. No one could recall where it had come from. People who had it claimed, that they had found it and had felt attracted by it. So was the case with the girl. But who had placed the fish to be found - this noone knew, and least the temporary owners of the fish.

When the girls from the hills had after years and years met the pope and it won over him, the fish stayed with her. But when she died, it suddenly disappeard from her side and slipped away, as fish do. Noone could tell, wher it would be sighted next and it was never found by one, who expected it. It could take centuries for new sightings of fish. And where it lay hidden in the meantime, noone knew. There are stories from other continents, from the NAvaho Indians for example, that tell of a silver fish that knew it all. Also the aboriginees, there seems to be a dreamsequence in one of their songs about a silver fish. But noone knows for sure.

And so it was me, who one morning, found the silver fish in my sink, while brushing my teeth. I could have sworn, that when I took the toothbrush from its glass, the sink was empty, but when I wanted to spit the brushing water into the sink, I had to stop, because there was a silver fish in it. And so I took it, hel it up against the lightbulb and tried to figure out, what it was, wher it came from and how it ended up in my sink.

There was a chain on the fish and since it looked kind of nice and I wore blue clothes that day, I put it around my neck and wore it.

It felt strange at first, as if it pulled me towards something. Then I let go and just did, as I felt. Instead of climbing my bike and riding up the hill, on this morning I walked the opposite direction and straight down into the subway. The next train that arrived i felt was for me and in it I rode to the airport. Out of the blue I bought a ticket to Madagascar and before I knew I sat on the plane. Nothing of this seemd strange to me. My body was following actions I could not control. And I did not mind. IN fron of me lay a new adventure.